07.02 2014

Iterative process diagram

Here is a diagram I have been using to help define an iterative process for a new product.

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Process, Strategy, UX

07.01 2014

Starting a New Research Program

Recently, I was faced with establishing new research procedures and set up a research department. Here’s a detailed look on how
to do it.

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All, Design, Process, Strategy, UX

05.16 2014

Optimizing the Funnel

Knowing where you need help in the funnel and help prioritize improvements. Here is a strategy technique to do so.

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Strategy, UX

05.02 2013

Personal Update

Personal: I am at a cross-roads right now. One journey is ending, and another is just starting. My wife and I have been working on adopting a little girl from China for the past year and a half. This journey ends at the end of the month. We still don’t have travel dates, but in […]

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05.02 2013

Universal approaches to task oriented interface design

In order to reform interfaces, sometimes you need to break them down to their essence. This is my list of interface types and examples.

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Philosophy, Tech, UX

04.19 2013

Minimalism in e-Commerce pt 1

Minimalism has always had a great relationship with retail. Since the 60’s when minimalism started to take off, upwardly mobile consumers have embraced the design concept’s beauty, and closely associated it with products of high quality.

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All, Design, Fun, UX

09.05 2012

What do Pixar, Genesis and UX Designers Have in Common?

Pixar threw out the first draft of Toy Story 2. What can designers learn from this?

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Design, Process, UX

07.19 2012

Stories in the world of Featurism

There has been a shift from design problem solving to featurism. How do designers combat this shift,

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