Stuart Silverstein Experience Strategist/Designer

  • We assisted Learning times with a brand strategy, and user profiling including use cases
  • wireframes The wire framing process started with the Buddy Press system and retrofit to accommodate use cases.
  • Final Screens Dashboard gives the user a glance of all social activity as well as badges earned. The badges page gives user all subtasks necessary to earn the badge.
  • Teacher reporting The teachers needed ways to see how children were doing and which children are slipping behind.


Product Strategy

Originally called DIG/IT, Badgestack was a product that I helped design with Studiofluid and Learning Times for the NYC Dept of Education for at risk youth to learn how to be a digital citizen. The team wanted to create a gamified platform to help kids learn, where kids earn rewards as they learn.

We had to understand the needs of teachers and kids. The different users groups had varying degrees of digital savvyness. Also, the platform was piggybacked on the BuddyPress Platform initially, which provided several other challenges.

The dashboard is designed to give kids and teachers a broad understanding of where they are in the game, what they have earned, and what they have to do next. The app also has a very heavy social component, whereby users can ask for help, get help from teachers and engage in conversations around the topic

The platform was so successful, that the team that created it, had several requests to repurpose it for several institutions including the Smithsonian, the University of Wisconsin, and Longwood University. The new platform was created to be easily extensible (which included an online conference platform as well as advanced communication and teaching features), as well as customizable so companies can create their own skin and badges. The product was recognized by Mozilla for its outstanding use of Open Source Badges.

Product Definition, UX/UI Design, Interactive Design, Information Architecture, User Research, Brand Strategy