Stuart Silverstein Experience Strategist/Designer

  • Website
  • Character page
  • Character detail included some fun animation as well as interaction with the characters and the product. We also incorporated a mix of games, product video and images pertinent to the characters
  • Functional deliverables

Mattel- DC Superhero Girls

New Product Launch

How do you tell a story that keeps kids coming back, without capturing any identity information?

 At the launch of the DC SuperHero Girls, Mattel engaged Vayner Media to create all the digital portals. The product was being launched and needed to tell the story of the DC SuperHero Girls, as well as engage and inspire girls. 


We had to tell the story of the girls, however, we still needed engagement to lead to a conversion. Kids properties are tough because you cannot capture any data on the kids. The other thing is that the Toys would not be available for another 6 months, so we needed to create something engaging enough to drive kids back to the site to lead to acquisition and fandom in the next phases. 


While we did rely on some very traditional ways of engaging kids with digital (video, games, etc), we did take our queues from some best in class examples - including some previous work I did on Monster High and Barbie - which intermingles product at content.  As well as providing a foundation for digital experience and strategy for the next few years.  The product line continues to be one of Mattel’s hottest new sellers. 


Experience Strategy, Competitive Audit, Ethnographic Research, Interaction Design, Information Architecture.