Stuart Silverstein Experience Strategist/Designer

  • Completed project featuring custom photographs and fun animation
  • Wireframes

Primrose Schools

Franchise Portal

How do you express the passion of a company to highly desirable potential franchisees?

Primrose is a early learning academy run by very passionate people. The franchise investment was large ($750k - $3M), and the company wanted only the best, most passionate and talented franchisees. The previous site was confusing and causing the sales and finance team to spend time answering simple questions that were not being addressed on the site, due to a confusing conversion process, minimal information and no clear story,   


We had to collect content from several sources — presentations, videos, interviews — to create a story for the brand. We had a ton of great testimonial videos from actual passionate franchisees, which were a gold mine. The testimonials explained the day to day, the qualifications and also explained the type of company that they were signing on for. 

Plus, the main conversion was a lead, which was pushed into a CRM, so the lead capture had to be pushed into the CRM. In the previous iteration, the Calls to Action were hard to find. We needed a predictable system for the CTA. 


We decided also to use this concept of a “path” and leading the potential franchisee through the journey, much like a teacher leads her student. We wanted to use video and animation to reinforce the “leading” of our users through the path. We also had franchisees themselves who would act as guides through the journey.

The solution integrates the photos of actual franchisees, video testimonials, a linear story, along with some fun animation. The site is a best in class example of franchise sites, and has improved the quantity of qualified leads. 


Content strategy, Interaction Design, Prototyping.