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Tax Credit Co

Hiring Credits Admin Tools

How do you service Starbucks and Chipotle as well as small businesses on the same platform?

Tax Credit Co. is a company that uses special software to help businesses keep track of employees that are eligible for federal tax credits when employers hire Veterans, Native Americans or in a Special Program. The company makes its money by using technology to keep track of those credits, processing them, and charging clients a portion of the  savings.

The platform was very old and hard to use. In an effort to make the platform self service and easy to use to help customer service, but also to help customers manage their own credits.

The biggest challenge was all of the use cases that needed accommodation. The company serviced small business customers to large corporations, which have complex corporate structures. 


The solution included a lot of nesting and visualization over time that visualized the value and total amount of money earned over time.  It also helped administrator see how much money they are missing with non-compliance. Furthermore, we also created alerts to help administrators better understand what they need to do in order to keep their credits.


Product requirements, Information architecture, Interaction design